From Autumn 2016 Networking Journal has been published 3 times per academic year and not 5 times per academic year as previously.

There is an Autumn Term edition, a Spring term edition and a Summer term edition.

Full page £300

Half page £175
Quarter page £100
Full colour or black/white
All advertisements are accepted in accordance with our standard conditions of acceptance.
Networking (CET) Ltd reserve the right not to publish an advertisement which has been submitted for publication (at the Editor’s discretion).
While every care is taken in the preparation of artwork, Networking (CET) Ltd cannot be held responsible - or accept responsibility - for any errors due to third parties, sub-contractors or inaccurate copy instructions.
Advertisement proofs are not provided unless specifically requested.
Artwork designed and/or prepared by Networking (CET) Ltd for publication in the journal remains the property of Networking (CET) Ltd. Advertisers commissioning artwork cannot use this in any other publication without prior written consent of Networking (CET) Ltd, which owns the copyright.
Complaints regarding the reproduction of any advertising must be reported, in writing, within 14 days of publication date.
Networking (CET) Ltd reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the format of the publication and any subsequent reasonable alterations without prior notice to the advertiser.
If you create your own artwork for advertisements please note following dimensions:
Full page - 186mm wide x 265mm high
Full page which bleeds to edge (e.g. back cover) - 210mm wide x 297mm high + 10mm bleed all around
Half Page - (landscape) - 186mm wide x 132mm high or (portrait) - 93mm wide x 265mm high
Qtr page - 93mm wide x 132mm high
Technical Specifications for Print Artwork
Please supply a PDF at 2,400 dpi and ensure it is version 1.3 or above. Image resolution must be at least 300 dpi. Colour mode CMYK. Avoid four-colour black text. Black text should be K: 100%. All fonts must be embedded and subset. Quark and InDesign files can also be accepted. PDF's from Microsoft products are not high resolution, and will therefore have to be reset.
All advertising copy should be supplied 10 working days prior to print date.
Cancellation of Advertisements
Cancellation of any advertisement must be made, in writing, no less than 30 working days prior to cover date. Terms and conditions for booking advertisements shall be governed in accordance with UK law.
Closing Dates for Copy - Volume 25 2023/2024
Issue One - Winter 2023/2024 edition
  • Copy to Editor by 11th December 2023.
  • Published to schools 11th January 2024.
Issue Two - Spring Term 2024 edition
  • Copy to Editor by 9th April 2024.
  • Published to schools 10th May 2024.
Issue Three - Autumn Term 2024 edition
  • Copy to Editor by 11th August 2024.
  • Published to schools 14th September 2024.